Last update : May 4, 2016
U. S. Marine Corps Japan


MAG-12/MCAS Iwakuni
Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Squadrons
 VMFA(AW)-242DT PermanentFA-18D,
 VMGR-152QD PermanentKC-130Jmoved from MCAS Futenma to MCAS Iwakuni on July 15, 2014
completed transfer to MCAS Iwakuni on August 27, 2014
     Base Flight (H&HS) PermanentUC-12WBu.No. : 168206, 168209
Unit Deployment Program (UDP) Squadrons
 VMAQ-2CY Jul.2013-Feb.2014EA-6B received all EA-6Bs from VMAQ-4
3xEA-6Bs departed 10 Feb.
2xEA-6Bs departed 7 Mar.
 VMFA-112MA Aug.2013-Jan.2014FA-18A++ 10xFA-18A++s arrived 3 Aug.
2xFA-18A++s arrived 9 Aug.
12xFA-18A++s departed 10 Jan.
 VMFA-232WT Sep.2013-Mar.2014FA-18C(N) 10xFA-18C(N)s arrived 16 Sep.
2xFA-18C(N)s arrived 21 Sep.
received an FA-18C(N) from VMFA(AW)-242
9xFA-18C(N)s departed 11 Mar.
4xFA-18C(N)s departed 13 Mar.
 VMFA(AW)-224WK Feb.2014-Jul.2014FA-18D,
8xFA-18Ds arrived 7 Feb.
4xFA-18Ds arrived 8 Feb.
6xFA-18Ds departed 17 Jul.
6xFA-18Ds departed 22 Jul.
 VMFA-122DC Mar.2014-Jun.2014FA-18C(N) 6xFA-18C(N)s arrived 8 Mar.
4xFA-18C(N)s arrived 10 Mar.
2xFA-18C(N)s arrived 22 Mar.
3xFA-18C(N)s departed 30 May
3xFA-18C(N)s departed 5 June
6xFA-18C(N)s departed 13June
 VMFA-115VE Jul.2014-Dec.2014FA-18A++ 4xFA-18A++s arrived 16 Jul.
6xFA-18A++s arrived 20 Jul.
2xFA-18A++s arrived 22 Jul.
10xFA-18A++s departed 27 Dec.
2xFA-18A++s departed 5 Jan.
 VMFA(AW)-533ED Oct.2014-FA-18D,
4xFA-18Ds arrived 9 Oct.
3xFA-18Ds arrived 10 Oct.
3xFA-18Ds arrived 16 Oct.

Marine Wing Liaison Kadena
MCAS Iwakuni
Unit Deployment Program (UDP) Squadrons
     VMA-223DET.WP Nov.2013-May2014AV-8B+ 6xAV-8B+s arrived 20 Nov.
transferred all AV-8Bs to VMA-542DET.
 VMA-542DET.WH May2014-Nov.2014AV-8B+ received all AV-8Bs from VMA-223DET.
6xAV-8B+s departed 23 Nov.
 VMA-231DET.CG Nov.2014-          AV-8B+ 4xAV-8B+s arrived 21 Nov.
2xAV-8B+s arrived 5 Dec.

MAG-36/MCAS Futenma
Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Squadrons
 VMGR-152QD PermanentKC-130Jmoved from Futenma to Iwakuni on July 15, 2014
 VMM-262ET PermanentMV-22BAttached 31st MEU
 VMM-265EP PermanentMV-22B 
     Base Flight (H&HS)PermanentUC-35DBu.No. : 166712, 166713, 166766
UC-12WBu.No. : 168208
Unit Deployment Program (UDP) Squadrons
 HMH-464 DET.EN Dec.2013-Jun.2014CH-53E 
 HMLA-469 DET.ASE Dec.2013-Jun.2014AH-1W
HMH-361 DET.YN Jun.2014-Dec.2014CH-53E 
 HMLA-469 DET.BSE Jun.2014-Dec.2014AH-1W
 HMH-465 DET.YJ Dec.2014-CH-53E 
 HMLA-469 DET.SE Dec.2014-AH-1W

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