Last update on Dec.2, 2015

Fighter Squadron ONE TWENTY-ONE (VF-121)
  02Aug1950  Reserve squadron VF-781 called to active duty
  04Feb1953  redesignated VF-121
  11Apr1958  Fleet Squadron VF-121 changed duty to the Fleet Replacement Squadron
  30Sep1980  disestablished

  02Aug1950 - 30Sep1980  Pacemakers

  VF-781  10May1951 - 17Dec1951  F9F-2B  CV-31   CVG-102  D-1xx  Korean War
  VF-781  15Sep1952 - 18May1953  F9F-5   CV-34   CVG-102  D-1xx  Korean War
  VF-121  03Mar1954 - 11Oct1954  F9F-6   CVA-21  CVG-12   D-1xx  WestPac
  VF-121  10Aug1955 - 15Mar1956  F9F-8   CVA-19  CVG-12   D-1xx  WestPac
  VF-121  19Apr1957 - 17Oct1957  FJ-3M   CVA-16  CVG-12   D-1xx  WestPac