Last update on Dec.14, 2022

Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron
SquadronAircraftLocationWing (*1)
HM-12AN430-43xSea DragonsMH-53ENS Norfolk, VA.COMHSCWL
HM-14 (*2)BJ540-55xVanguardMH-53ENS Norfolk, VA.COMHSCWL
HM-15TB0x-1xBlackhawksMH-53ENS Norfolk, VA.COMHSCWL
(*1) COMHSCWL : Commander, Helicopter Sea Combat Wing, U.S. Atlantic Fleet
(*2) HM-14 flew the final flight of the squadron in Norfolk, Virginia on Dec. 8, 2022.
The squadron will officially disestablish in July 2023.

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