Last update on May 25, 2022
Aircraft Carrier Locations

USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) / CVW-5(NF)
Home Port : Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan
Locations and Remarks
10Aug-25Aug2015, hull swap with USS George Washington (CVN 73) at San Diego
26Aug2015, departed San Diego
26Aug-28Aug2015, off the coast of southern California
29Aug2015, returned to San Diego
31Aug2015, departed San Diego for Yokosuka, Japan
31Aug-09Sep2015, EastPac
10Sep-16Sep2015, waters off the coast of Hawaii
17Sep2015, entered the 7th Fleet area of operations
18Sep-30Sep2015, WestPac
01Oct2015, pulled into new homeport Yokosuka
15Oct2015, departed Yokosuka
16Oct-17Oct2015, local waters off Japan
participated in JMSDF International Fleet Review
19Oct-21Oct2015, local waters off Japan
22Oct2015, anchored Busan, Republic of Korea
participated in Republic of Korea Fleet Review
24Oct-29Oct2015, WestPac
30Oct-03Nov2015, Busan, Republic of Korea
04Nov-15Nov2015, WestPac
participated in Annual Exercise (ANNUALEX) 2015
in waters and air space around Japan and East China Sea
24Nov-02Dec2015, local waters off Japan
03Dec2015, returned to Yokosuka
Selective Restricted Availability (SRA) in homeport of Fleet Activities Yokosuka (FAY)

09May2016, departed Yokosuka
09May-12May2016, sea trials and ammo onload
13May2016, returned to Yokosuka
31May2016, departed Yokosuka
01Jun2016, returned to Yokosuka
04Jun2016, departed Yokosuka
04Jun-12Jun2016, local waters off Japan
13Jun-17Jun2016, East China Sea
JCS CSG and RR CSG Double Down in east of Okinawa, Japan
20Jun-30Jun2016, East China Sea
01Jul-20Jul2016, South China Sea
21Jul-25Jul2016, local waters off Japan
26Jul2016, returned to Yokosuka
18Aug2016, departed Yokosuka
18Aug-19Aug2016, Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV)
19Aug2016, returned to Yokosuka
28Aug2016, departed Yokosuka to evade Typhoon 12W LIONROCK
28Aug-30Aug2016, WestPac
31Aug2016, returned to Yokosuka
03Sep2016, departed Yokosuka
03Sep-06Sep2016, local waters off Japan
07Sep-11Sep2016, WestPac
exercise Valiant Shield 2016, Guam and around the Marianas Island Range
24Sep-27Sep2016, Apra Harbor, Naval Base Guam
28Sep-09Oct2016, WestPac
10Oct-15Oct2016, waters east and west of the Korean Peninsula
16Oct-20Oct2016, Busan, Republic of Korea
21Oct-20Nov2016, WestPac
21Nov2016, returned to Yokosuka
four-month Selected Restricted Availability (SRA)
07May2017, departed Yokosuka
sea trials,
ammo onload with the USNS Charles Drew (T-AKE 10),
off the coast of Japan
12May2017, returned to Yokosuka
16May2017, departed Yokosuka
17May-22May2017, Carrier Qualifications off the coast of Japan
23May-30May2017, off the coast of Japan
31May2017, transited the Tsugaru Strait westbound
31May-01Jun2017, Sea of Japan
U.S. Dual-Carrier Operations in the Sea of Japan, with Japan Maritime Self Defense Force
02Jun-04Jun2017, Sea of Japan
05Jun2017, transited the Korean Strait
06Jun-09Jun2017, eastern sea of Okinawa, Japan
10Jun-11Jun2017, Philippine Sea
12Jun2017, transited the Luzon Strait
12Jun-16Jun2017, South China Sea
17Jun-20Jun2017, RSS Singapura
21Jun-07Jul2017, South China Sea
participated in exercise Talisman Saber 2017 off the coast of Australia, Coral Sea
23Jul-27Jul2017, Brisbane, Australia
28Jul-05Aug2017, U.S. 7th Fleet area of operations
06Aug-08Aug2017, off the coast of Japan
09Aug2017, returned to Yokosuka
08Sep2017, departed Yokosuka
09Sep-12Sep2017, Carrier Qualifications, waters south of Japan
13Sep-14Sep2017, eastern sea of Okinawa, Japan
15Sep-28Sep2017, Philippine Sea
29Sep-01Oct2017, South China Sea
02Oct-05Oct2017, anchored in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong
06Oct-07Oct2017, South China Sea
08Oct-15Oct2017, East China Sea
participated in a bilateral training exercise with the South Korean navy
in the waters east and west of the Korean Peninsula
21Oct-25Oct2017, Busan, Republic of Korea
26Oct-10Nov2017, East China Sea
joint exercise involving three U.S. aircraft carriers
in the East Sea (Sea of Japan)
15Nov2017, in the waters around Okinawa, Japan
Annual Exercise (ANNUALEX) 28G, with the JMSDF,
in the waters around Okinawa, Japan
23Nov-03Dec2017, waters south of Japan
04Dec2017, returned to Yokosuka
four-month Selected Restricted Availability (SRA)
11May2018, departed Yokosuka
sea trials,
ammo onload with the USNS Cesar Chavez (T-AKE 14),
off the coast of Japan
17May2018, returned to Yokosuka
departed Yokosuka
for a regularly scheduled patrol to operate in the Western Pacific Ocean
29May-03Jun2018, Carrier Qualifications in the waters south of Japan
04Jun-10Jun2018, Western Pacific Ocean
11Jun-15JUn2018, off the coast of Guam
16Jun-25Jun2018, Philippine Sea
26Jun-29Jun2018, Manila, Philippines
30Jun-05Jul2018, Philippine Sea
06Jul-18Jul2018, east of Okinawa, Japan
19Jul-23Jul2018, waters south of Japan
24Jul2018, returned to Yokosuka
27Jul2018, departed Yokosuka to evade Typhoon Jongdari
27Jul-29Jul2018, local waters off Japan
30Jul2018, returned to Yokosuka
04Aug2018, "Open House" in conjunction with the Friendship Day Festival
07Aug2018, departed Yokosuka to evade Typhoon Shanshan
07Aug-09Aug2018, waters south of Japan
10Aug2018, returned to Yokosuka
14Aug2018, departed Yokosuka
14Aug-17Aug2018, waters south of Japan
18Aug-23Aug2018, East China Sea
24Aug-28Aug2018, Philippine Sea
29Aug-31Aug2018, South China Sea
01Sep-15Sep2018, Philippine Sea
participated in exercise Valiant Shield 2018,
around the Marianas Island Range
24Sep-27Sep2018, Apra Harbor, Guam
28Sep-08Oct2018, Philippine Sea
09Oct-10Oct2018, South China Sea
Republic of Korea (ROK) International Fleet Review (IFR) 2018,
off the south coast of Jeju Island, Republic of Korea
12Oct-15Oct2018, Jeju Island, Republic of Korea
16Oct-18Oct2018, South China Sea
19Oct-28Oct2018, Philippine Sea
biennial exercise Keen Sword 2019, off Okinawa, Japan
09Nov-13Nov2018, Philippine Sea
high-end dual carrier operations
with the John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group (JCSSG)
in the Philippine Sea
17Nov-20Nov2018, South China Sea
21Nov-24Nov2018, anchored at Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong
25Nov-27Nov2018, South China Sea
28Nov-04Dec2018, waters south of Japan
05Dec2018, returned to Yokosuka
four-month Selected Restricted Availability (SRA)
12May2019, departed Yokosuka
12May-16May2019, sea trials, off of the coast of Yokosuka
17May2019, returned to Yokosuka
departed Yokosuka for a Western Pacific Summer Patrol
23May-27May2019, Carrier Qualifications in the waters south of Japan
28May2019, Western Pacific Ocean
29May-04Jun2019 Philippine Sea
06Jun-13Jun2019, South China Sea
14Jun-18Jun2019 Philippine Sea
19Jun-20Jun2019, South China Sea
21Jun-02Jul2019, Philippine Sea
03Jul-04Jul2019, Coral Sea
05Jul-09Jul2019, pulled into Brisbane, Australia
biennial exercise Talisman Sabre 2019 in the Coral Sea
25Jul-06Aug2019, Philippine Sea
07Aug-10Aug2019, off the coast of Manila, Republic of the Philippines
11Aug-15Aug2019, Philippine Sea
16Aug-19Aug2019, Western Pacific Ocean
20Aug-23Aug2019, waters south of Japan
24Aug2019, returned to Yokosuka
25Aug2019, Friends and Family Day Cruise (FFDC)
14Sep2019, departed Yokosuka
14Sep-17Sep2019, Carrier Qualifications in the waters south of Japan
18Sep-20Sep2019, waters south of Japan
21Sep-22Sep2019, Philippine Sea
23Sep-16Oct2019, South China Sea
17Oct-20Oct2019, RSS Singapura - Changi Naval Base, Singapore
21Oct-23Oct2019, South China Sea
24Oct-29Oct2019, Philippine Sea
30Oct-01Nov2019, waters south of Japan
02Nov2019, returned to Yokosuka
four-month Selected Restricted Availability (SRA)
04May2020, departed Yokosuka
sea trials and ammo onload, waters off the coast of Japan
14May2020, returned to Yokosuka
21May2020, departed Yokosuka
21May-26May2020, waters off the coast of Japan
27May-28May2020, east of Okinawa
29May-04Jun2020, waters off the coast of Japan
05Jun-07Jun2020, Yokosuka
08Jun2020, departed Yokosuka for 2020 Deployment
08Jun-11Jun2020, east of Okinawa
12Jun-22Jun2020, north of Guam operating areas
23Jun-27Jun2020, Philippine Sea
USS Nimitz (CVN 68)
and Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) Carrier Strike Groups
conducted dual carrier operations in the Philippine Sea
29Jun-02Jul2020, Philippine Sea
transited the San Bernardino Strait,
crossing from the Philippine Sea into the South China Sea
03Jul-05Jul2020, South China Sea
PHOTOEX with the USS Nimitz (CVN 68) CSG
in the South China Sea
07Jul-08Jul2020, South China Sea
09Jul-14Jul2020, Eastern Indian Ocean, off the west coast of Australia
15Jul-18Jul2020, Philippine Sea
trilateral exercise
with Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF)
and Australian Defense Force (ADF)
in the Philippine Sea
20Jul-27Jul2020, Philippine Sea
28Jul-29Jul2020, East China Sea
30Jul-31Jul2020, waters off the coast of Japan
01Aug2020, brief stop Yokosuka
02Aug-05Aug2020, waters off the coast of East Japan
06Aug-08Aug2020, Sea of Japan
09Aug-11Aug2020, East China Sea
12Aug-13Aug2020, Philippine Sea
14Aug2020, entered the South China Sea
15Aug-19Aug2020, South China Sea
20Aug-21Aug2020, Philippine Sea
22Aug-25Aug2020, Apra Harbor, Guam
26Aug-07Sep2020, Philippine Sea
08Sep-09Sep2020, waters off the coast of Japan
10Sep2020, brief stop Yokosuka
11Sep-14Sep2020, waters off the coast of Japan
15Sep-28Sep2020, Marianas Island Range
29Sep-05Oct2020, Philippine Sea
06Oct-08Oct2020, South China Sea
09Oct2020, transited the Malacca Strait
10Oct-11Oct2020, Indian Ocean
12Oct2020, transited the Malacca Strait
12Oct-18Oct2020, South China Sea
19Oct-25Oct2020, Philippine Sea
exercise Keen Sword 21
in the waters south of Okinawa, Japan, Philippine Sea
05Nov-13Nov2020, in the waters south of Japan
14Nov2020, returned to Yokosuka
five-month Selected Restricted Availability (SRA)
11May2020, departed Yokosuka for sea trials
sea trials and ammo onload, waters off the coast of Japan
16May2021, returned to Yokosuka
departed Yokosuka to support security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region
20May-25May2021, Carrier Qualifications in the waters south of Japan
26May-12Jun2021, east of Okinawa
13Jun-17Jun2021, South China Sea
18Jun-19Jun2021, transited the Malacca Strait
19Jun2021, Andaman Sea
20Jun-24Jun2021, Indian Ocean
25Jun2021, entered the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations
25Jun-11Jul2021, North Arabian Sea
USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) and HMS Queen Elizabeth (R 08)
operate in formation in the Gulf of Aden
13Jul-17Sep2021, North Arabian Sea
18Sep-23Sep2021, Indian Ocean
24Sep-25Sep2021, transited the Malacca Strait
25Sep2021,South China Sea
26Sep2021, transited the San Bernardino Strait
26Sep-05Oct2021, Philippine Sea
06Oct-15Oct2021, off the south coast of Japan
16Oct2021, returned to Yokosuka
began a four-month Selected Restricted Availability (SRA) in Yokosuka
08May2022, departed Yokosuka
08May-16May2022, sea trialsand ammo onload off the south coast of Japan
17May2022, returned to Yokosuka