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Aircraft Carrier Locations

USS George Washington (CVN 73)
Home Port : Norfolk, Va.
CVW-1 (AB)
Locations and Remarks
03Oct1997, departed Norfolk
03Oct-14Oct1997, Lant
transited Strait of Gibraltar, and entered U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations
16Oct-02Nov1997, Med
03Nov-09Nov1997, Haifa, Israel
10Nov-14Nov1997, Med
15Nov1997, tansited Suez Canal
16Nov-17Nov1997, Red Sea
18Nov1997, transited Strait of Bab el Mandeb
19Nov1997, Arabian Sea
20Nov1997, Transited Strait of Hormuz
21Nov-12Dec1997, Persian Gulf
13Dec-16Dec1997, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates
17Dec1997-14Jan1998, Persian Gulf
15Jan-19Jan1998, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates
20Jan-11Feb1998, Persian Gulf
12Feb-15Feb1998, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates
16Feb-28Feb1998, Persian Gulf
01Mar-04Mar1998, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates
12Mar1998, turnover with USS JOHN C. STENNIS (CVN 74)
17Mar-18Mar1998, Red Sea
19Mar1998, transited Suez Canal
20Mar-21Mar1998, Med
22Mar-25Mar1998, Cames, France
03Apr1998, returned to Norfolk
CVW not assigned
Locations and Remarks
04May1998, departed Norfolk
04May-06May1998, offload ordnance to the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) and USS Arctic (AOE 8)
06May1998, returned to Norfolk
Drydocked Planned Incremental Availability (DPIA)
at Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, Va.
27Mar1999, flight deck certifications off the coast of Virginia
CVW-17 (AA)
Locations and Remarks
17May1999, WestLant
19Jul-16Aug1999, WestLant
16Aug-18Aug1999, port call at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
14Sep1999, departed Norfolk to evade Hurricane Floyd
18Sep1999, returned to Norfolk
27Sep-01Oct1999, WestLant
04Oct1999, arrived at Port Everglades, FL.
05Oct-07Oct1999, 'Open house' which annual event is one of the country's best 'fleet week'
08Oct1999, left from Port Everglades, FL.
12Oct1999, WestLant
25Oct-01Nov1999, WestLant
01Dec1999, departed Norfolk
01Dec-13Dec1999, WestLant
15Dec1999, returned to Norfolk
31Jan2000, WestLant
departed Norfolk to limited bombing ranges near Jacksonville
for Composite Training Unit Exercise
13Mar-14Mar2000, Gulf of Mexico
18Mar-27Mar2000, anchored off Key West, FL.
03Apr2000, Gulf of Mexico
07Apr2000, returned to Norfolk
conduct the JTFEX (Joint Task Force Exercise) in the waters off Virginia and North Carolina

21Jun2000, departed Norfolk for six-month Med/Gulf deployment
22Jun-24Jun2000, off Carolina coast
25Jun-27Jun2000, conduct training on the Vieques range
29Jun2000, crossing the Atlantic
04Jul2000, nearing Gibraltar
06Jul2000, enter the Med
08Jul2000, off the heel of Italy
11Jul2000, near Greece
12Jul-15Jul2000, port call at Antalya, Turkey
17Jul2000, transited the southern passage of the Suez Canal and entered the Red Sea
18Jul2000, Red Sea
21Jul-22Jul2000, Gulf of Aden
24Jul-31Jul2000, Persian Gulf
02Aug-04Aug2000, port call at Jebel Ali, UAE
07Aug-19Aug2000, Persian Gulf
20Aug-23Aug2000, Bahrain, UAE
25Aug-24Sep2000, Persian Gulf
24Sep2000, left the Persian Gulf and relieved support of Operation Southern Watch by CVN-72
26Sep2000, Gulf of Aden
28Sep2000, Red Sea
30Sep2000, transited the Suez Canal and entered the Med
01Oct-02Oct2000, Med
05Oct-08Oct2000, port call at Corfu, Greece
10Oct-13Oct2000, Ionian Sea
14Oct2000, west of Crete
20Oct2000, west of Cyprus
24Oct2000, northeast of Crete
26Oct2000, Ionian Sea
30Oct-02Nov2000, port call at Dubrovnik, Croatia
03Nov-06Nov000, port call at Trieste, Italy
07Nov-13Nov2000, Adriatic Sea
16Nov2000, Med
17Nov-20Nov2000, port call at Naples, Italy
27Nov2000, Ionian Sea
04Dec2000, northeast of Sicily
05Dec-07Dec2000, port call at Palma, Spain
08Dec2000, departed from Palma, Spain
10Dec2000, Strait of Gibraltar
19Dec2000, returned to Norfolk
CVN-73 steamed more than 400,000 miles,
CVW-17 flew more than 9,000 sorties and made 9,000 arrested landings

22Jan-30Jan2001, WestLant
6-month maintenance and upgrade program
by PIA (Phased Incremental Availability) at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
sailed down the Elizabeth River to Norfolk,
following a six-month PIA period at Portsmouth
14Aug-27Aug2001, WestLant
11Sep2001, WestLant
12Sep-15Sep2001, Combat Air Patrolling the coastline off New York City
03Oct2001, WestLant
04Nov-15Nov2001, WestLant
13Dec2001, WestLant
29Jan-08Feb2002, carrier qualifications in the WestLant
22Mar2002, departed Norfolk
COMPTUEX (Composite Task Unit Exercise), Vieques Island bombing range, Puerto Rico
12Apr-22Apr2002, WestLant
anchored in the outer harbor of Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands for a 4-day liberty call.
after this liberty call, conducted a 2-weeks JTFEX
30Apr2002, WestLant
departed Norfolk for a six-month overseas deployment
that likely will take most to the Arabian Sea
and the continuing war against terrorism.
And, will relieve CV-67 John F. Kennedy Battle group,
whose return date has not yet been announced.
transits the Atlantic Ocean
as she begins a regularly scheduled six month deployment
in support of Operation Enduring Freedom
and Operation Southern Watch.
01Jul2002, transited the Strait of Gibraltar
01Jul-03Jul2002, Med
04Jul-07Jul2002, Souda Bay, Crete, Greece
08Jul2002, departed Souda Bay, Crete, Greece
13Jul2002, entered the Suez Canal
16Jul-17Jul2002, Red Sea
relieved CV-67 John F. Kennedy in providing support of Operation Enduring Freedom
Northern Arabian Sea, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom
in the Persian Gulf,
four FA-18C attacked military airfield known as Rutvah,
about 240 miles west of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.
in the Persian Gulf,
conducting combat missions in support of Operation Southern Watch
Gulf of Oman, in support of Operation Southern Watch
handed over duties to CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln
in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Southern Watch
in the Atlantic Ocean
during "Mediterranean Shark" in support of the U.S. Marine Corps.
"Mediterranean Shark" is a bilateral training exercise conducted in Morocco
by a Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable)
to show the effectiveness of the Marine Air Ground Task Force.
06Oct-09Oct2002, Med
NATO exercise "Destined Glory 2002" off the western and southern coasts of Italy
17Oct-20Oct2002, port call to Naples, Italy
21Oct2002, departed Naples, Italy
21Oct-29Oct2002, Med
03Nov-05Nov2002, Adriatic Sea
09Nov-28Nov2002, Med
30Nov2002, Souda Bay, Crete Island, Greece
20Dec2002, returned to Norfolk
CVW not assigned
Locations and Remarks
24Jan-05Feb2003, conducted carrier qualifications in the WestLant
entered the Norfolk Naval Shipyard for a six-month overhaul,
PIA (Planned Incremental Availability)
transited out of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard to the Atlantic Ocean to conduct sea trials
13Aug-14Aug2003, Sea trials, WestLant
15Aug2003, completed sea trials and returned to Home Port Norfolk
CVW-7 (AG)
Locations and Remarks
21Aug-28Aug2003, WestLant
09Sep-19Sep2003, WestLant
20Sep2003, returned to Norfolk
16Oct2003, departed Norfolk
16Oct-26Oct2003, WestLant
27Oct2003, returned to Norfolk
09Nov2003, departed Norfolk
09Nov-26Nov2003, COMPTUEX (Composite Training Unit Exercise), WestLant
01Dec-04Dec2003, Key West, FL.
05Dec-18Dec2003, COMPTUEX (Composite Training Unit Exercise), WestLant
19Dec2003, returned to Norfolk
20Jan2004, departed Norfolk to the Central Command area of operation
20Jan-22Jan2004, Carrier qualifications for CVW-7
23Jan-31Jan2004, Lant
01Feb2004, transited the Straits of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean
02Feb-06Feb2004, Med
06Feb-09Feb2004, Souda Bay, Greece
10Feb2004, departed Souda Bay
10Feb-13Feb2004, Med
16Feb2004, transited the Suez Canal and into the 5th Fleet area of operation
17Feb-19Feb2004, Red Sea
20Feb2004, Gulf of Aden
21Feb2004, Arabian Sea
23Feb-26Feb2004, North Arabian Sea
27Feb2004, Gulf of Oman
01Mar-17Mar2004, Persian Gulf
18Mar-21Mar2004, Jabel Ali, UAE
22Mar-10Jun2004, Persian Gulf
11Jun-14Jun2004, Jabel Ali, UAE
15Jun-04Jul2004, Persian Gulf
05Jul2004, transited out of the Persian Gulf
06Jul2004, Gulf of Oman
07Jul2004, Arabian Sea
08Jul-09Jul2004, Red Sea
11Jul2004, transited the Suez Canal and entered the Med
12Jul-13Jul2004, Med
14Jul-18Jul2004, Naples, Italy
19Jul2004, Med
20Jul2004, transited the Strait of Gibraltar
20Jul-25Jul2004, Lant
26Jul2004, returned to Norfolk
carrier qualifications for Fleet Readiness Squadrons (FRS)
and Training Command (TRACOM) students and TRACOM instructors
in the WestLant
18Oct-21Oct2004, WestLant
carrier qualifications for Fleet Readiness Squadrons (FRS) in the WestLant
01Dec-03Dec2004, WestLant
CVW not assigned
Locations and Remarks
arrived at Northrop Grumman Newport News
for a 10-and-a-half month DPIA (Dry-Docked Planned Incremental Availability)
29Mar2005, completed refurbishing a living compartment
departed Northrop Grumman Newport News shipyard to conduct sea trials in the WestLant
15Dec-16Dec2005, sea trials in the WestLant
17Dec2005, completed DPIA and returned to homeport in Norfolk
CVW-17 (AA)
Locations and Remarks
31Jan2006, departed Norfolk
Flight Deck Certification and Carrier Qualifications for CVW-17 and VFA-106 in the WestLant
16Feb2006, returned to Norfolk
28Feb2006, departed Norfolk
carrier qualifications for VFA-106 and VAW-120 in the WestLant
carrier qualifications for Training Squadrons - VT-7, VT-8, VT-21, and VT-22 -
in the WestLant
TSTA (Tailored Ship's Training Availability) in the WestLant
17Mar2006, returned to Norfolk
departed Norfolk to the Caribbean
for two months of training and joint military exercises
as part of U.S. Southern Command's
"Partnership of the Americas" deployment
04Apr-12Apr2006, Lant
13Apr2006, Caribbean Sea
14Apr-17Apr2006, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles
18Apr-14May2006, Caribbean Sea
15May-18May2006, Antigua
19May2006, Caribbean Sea
22May-23May2006, Lant
24May2006, returned to Norfolk
11Jul2006, departed Norfolk to carrier qualifications for several squadrons and training squadrons
11Jul-23Jul2006, carrier qualifications in the WestLant
24Jul2006, returned to Norfolk
14Aug2006, departed Norfolk to conduct training and offload all remaining ammunition
14Aug-31Aug2006, WestLant
01Sep2006, returned to Norfolk
CVW not assigned
Locations and Remarks
moved into the dry dock at Norfolk Naval Shipyard
for Drydock Planned Incremental Availability (DPIA)
before heads to Japan in 2008
moved from the dry dock at Norfolk Naval Shipyard to a pierside berth
left Norfolk Naval Shipyard and headed for sea trials
27Aug-30Aug2007, sea trials in the WestLant
30Aug2007, returned to homeport of Norfolk
CVW-17 (AA)
Locations and Remarks
18Sep2007, departed Norfolk
carrier qualifications and flight deck certification in the WestLant
03Oct2007, returned to Norfolk
13Oct2007, Friends and Family Day Cruise
22Oct2007, departed Norfolk
22Oct-01Nov2007, carrier qualifications in the WestLant
02Nov2007, returned to Norfolk
07Nov-09Nov2007, WestLant
live-fire exercises using the NATO Sea Sparrow,
Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) and the Phalanx Close-in Weapons System (CIWS)
in the WestLant
carrier qualifications,
flight deck certification,
Tailored Ships Training Availability and Final Evaluation Problem (TSTA/FEP),
and Canada's Task Group Exercise 02-08 (TGEX 02-08),
in the WestLant
14Mar2008, returned to Norfolk
07Apr2008, departed Norfolk en route to its new home base in Yokosuka, Japan
07Apr-20Apr2008, Lant
21Apr-24Apr2008, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
25Apr-08May2008, SoLant
09May2008, transited through the Strait of Magellan
10May-13May2008, SoPac
14May-17May2008, Valparaiso, Chile
18May-26May2008, EastPac
27May2008, pulled into San Diego
CVW not assigned
Locations and Remarks
27May-20Aug2008, San Diego for repairs
CVW-5 (NF)
Locations and Remarks
21Aug2008, departed San Diego en route to new homeport Yokosuka, Japan
21Aug-10Sep2008, Pac
12Sep-24Sep2008, WestPac
25Sep2008, pulled into new homeport Yokosuka