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Aircraft Carrier Locations
USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70)

CVW-11 (NH)
Locations and Remarks
Home Port : Bremerton, WA.
22Jun1998, departed Bremerton
10Jul-31Jul1998, RIMPAC98
12Aug1998, returned to Bremerton
24Aug-28Aug1998, Local Operation in the EastPac
14Sep-28Sep1998, Local Operation in the EastPac
06Nov1998, departed Bremerton to WestPac/Gulf deployment
13Nov1998, EastPac
16Nov1998, northeast of Hawaii Is.
18Nov1998, northwest of Hawaii Is.
20Nov1998, near Midway Is.
23Nov1998, 1000km northeast of Ogasawara Is.
25Nov1998, 1000km south of Kii peninsula, Japan
28Nov1998, south of Taiwan
01Dec1998, Hong Kong
04Dec1998, South China Sea
06Dec1998, south of Camranh Bay, Vietnam
11Dec1998, Singapore
12Dec1998, Malacca Str.
15Dec1998, Indian Ocean
18Dec1998, entered to Persian Gulf
18Dec1998-17Mar1999, Persian Gulf
18Mar1999, left from Persian Gulf
21Mar1999, east of Maldives
25Mar1999, southwest of Sumatra, Indonesia
30Mar1999, Perth, Australia
07Apr-12Apr1999, Hobart, Tasmania
17Apr1999, Southern Pacific
20Apr1999, crossed equator at the international date line
26Apr1999, departed Pearl Harbor
27Apr1999, east of Hawaii Is.
30Apr1999, EastPac
06May1999, returned to Bremerton
26Jul-03Aug1999, EastPac
04Aug-08Aug1999, arrived at Seattle for the SeaFair maritime festivities
08Sep-14Sep1999, EastPac
06Oct1999, entered Drydock 6 at Puget Sound NSY for a 11-month upgrade overhaul
May2000, completed drydock works, then, moved to Pier Bravo
Sep2000, completed a 11-month upgrade overhaul
24Sep-25Sep2000, EastPac for seatrials
26Sep2000, "Family Day Cruise"
20Oct 2000, San Diego Fleet Week
23Oct-20Nov2000, EastPac
30Jan2001, departed Bremerton for a seven-week cruise
05Feb-20Mar2001, EastPac
21Mar2001, returned to Bremerton
14May2001, departed Bremerton for a five-week underway period
14May2001, EastPac
21May-14Jun2001, JTFEX off the coast of Southern California
18Jun2001, returned to Bremerton
23Jul2001, departed Bremerton for a 6-month WestPac/Gulf deployment
25Jul-27Jul2001, San Diego
27Jul-30Jul2001, off the coast of Southern California
conducted a one-day training event known as a passing exercise (PASSEX)
with CV-64 Constellation Battle Group in the South China Sea
20Aug-26Aug2001, Phattaya, Thailand
26Aug-28Aug2001, South China Sea
29Aug-02Sep2001, Changi Naval Base, Singapore
04Sep-11Sep2001, Indian Ocean
12Sep-16Sep2001, North Arabian Sea
16Sep2001, relieved CVN-65 Enterprise in support of Operation Southern Watch
18Sep-02Oct2001, Persian Gulf
07Oct-15Dec2001, part of Operation Enduring Freedom in the North Arabian Sea
16Dec2001, begun homeward to Bremerton
17Dec2001, participated in naval exercises with the Indian Navy off Mumbai, India
24Dec-28Dec2001, Christmas holiday at Changi Naval Base, Singapore
05Jan-07Jan2002, WestPac, sailing toward Hawaii
08Jan-13Jan2002, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
14Jan-18Jan2002, EastPac
19Jan2002, San Diego, CA.
20Jan2002, departed San Diego
20Jan-22Jan2002, Tiger Cruise to homeport Bremerton
returned to Bremerton,
CVW-11 flew 4,200 combat sorties and logged 10,731 hours
in support of Operation Enduring Freedom on the North Arabian Sea
CVW not assigned
Locations and Remarks
entered Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
for a 6-month Phased Incremental Availability (PIA)
departed Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
after completing a maintenance and upgrade period
04Sep-09Sep2002, sea trials
10Sep2002, returned to Bremerton
30Sep2002, San Diego
flight-deck certification off the coast of California,
CVW-11 came aboard to assist in the certification of the flight deck
04Oct2002, completed flight-deck certification
returned to San Diego
for a guest appearance in the Fleet Week San Diego
CVW-9 (NG)
Locations and Remarks
departed Bremerton for a 5 week training period off the southern coast of California
arrived at San Diego, and, embarked CVW-9
training in preparation for the next regularly scheduled deployment
off the southern coast of California
28Nov2002, returned to Bremerton
departed Bremerton
for a three-week training exercise.
One week each of Composite Training Unit Exercise
and Joint Task Force Exercises are being held
16Jan2003, San Diego
17Jan2003, departed San Diego
20Jan2003, EastPac
25Jan2003, moved into operations near Kauai
31Jan2003, arrived in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
31Jan-04Feb2003, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
05Feb2003, departed Pearl Harbor
07Feb-10Feb2003, Pac
19Feb-24Feb2003, WestPac
25Feb2003, arrived in Apra Harbor, Guam
25Feb-28Feb2003, Apra Harbor, Guam
01Mar2003, departed Apra Harbor, Guam
01Mar-10Mar2003, WestPac
12Mar2003, Sea of Japan
14Mar2003. arrived in Pusan, Republic of Korea
14Mar-17Mar2003, Pusan, Republic of Korea
18Mar2003. departed Pusan, Republic of Korea
18Mar-27Mar2003, Sea of Japan
28Mar2003, East China Sea
31Mar2003, Philippine Sea
01Apr-16Apr2003, WestPac
17Apr2003, arrived in Apra Harbor, Guam
17Apr-20Apr2003, Apra Harbor, Guam
21Apr2003, departed Apra Harbor, Guam
participated in Tandem Thrust '03 in the Mariana Island training area
05May-09May2003, WestPac
10May2003, arrived in Yokosuka, Japan
10May-14May2003, Yokosuka, Japan
15May2003, depaeted Yokosuka
17May2003, transited off the coast of Iwo Jima, Japan
arrived in Apra Harbor, Guam,
and began a two-week flight deck re-surfaced
19May-01Jun2003, Apra Harbor, Guam
02Jun2003, departed Apra Harbor, Guam
02Jun-12Jun2003, Philippine Sea
13Jun-25Jun2003, WestPac
26Jun-30Jun2003, Changi Naval Base, Singapore
01Jul-02Jul2003, Banda Sea
07Jul-10Jul2003, Indian Ocean
14Jul-17Jul2003, Fremantle, Australia
18Jul2003, departed Fremantle
18Jul-29Jul2003, Indian Ocean
30Jul-31Jul2003, Banda Sea
01Aug2003, Celebes Sea
04Aug-05Aug2003, South China Sea
06Aug-10Aug2003, Hong Kong
11Aug-15Aug2003, South China Sea
18Aug-29Aug2003, Sea of Japan
30Aug-01Sep2003, Pusan, Republic of Korea
02Sep2003, Sea of Japan
03Sep-14Sep2003, Pac
15Sep2003, San Diego
16Sep-18Sep2003, EastPac
19Sep2003, returned to home port Bremerton
12Jan2004, departed Bremerton for a month-long training mission
12Jan-14Jan2004, EastPac
15Jan-16Jan2004, San Diego
17Jan2004, departed San Diego
20Jan-05Feb2004, off the coast of Southern California
02Mar2004, departed Bremerton
02Mar-04Mar2004, EastPac
05Mar-11Mar2004, San Diego for INSURV (Inspection and Survey)
12Mar2004, INSURV succeeded and departed San Diego
14Mar2004, returned to Bremerton
departed Bremerton to conduct training for fleet reserve squadrons
off the coast of Southern California
13Apr-22Apr2004, EastPac
26Apr2004, San Diego
27Apr-06May004, EastPac
01Jun-04Jun2004, EastPac
07Jun2004, San Diego
carrier qualifications and training in preparation for next deployment
off the coast of Southern California

departed Bremerton for a month long training mission
as it prepares for a six-month deployment beginning in January 2005
08Sep-01Oct2004, EastPac
04Oct-07Oct2004, San Diego
08Oct-11Oct2004, EastPac
12Oct2004, returned to Bremerton
departed Bremerton
for a Joint Task Force Exercise (JTFEX)
and a 6-month around-the-world deployment in the western Pacific
carrier qualifications for CVW-9 off the coast of Southern California
16Jan-18Jan2005, San Diego
JTFEX, off the Southern California operating area
30Jan2005, completed a 12-day JTFEX
31Jan-01Feb2005, San Diego
02Feb2005, departed San Diego
02Feb-20Feb2005, Pac
21Feb2005, pulled into Apra Harbor, Guam
21Feb-24Feb2005, Apra Harbor, Guam
25Feb-05Mar2005, WestPac
06Mar-09Mar2005, Changi Naval Base, Singapore
10Mar-11Mar2005, Indian Ocean
14Mar-15Mar2005, Arabian Sea
16Mar-18Mar2005, North Arabian Sea
19Mar2005, Vinson-CSG relieved HST-CSG
19Mar-30Jun2005, Persian Gulf
concluded operations
in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and maritime security operations
in the Persian Gulf
30Jun-01Jul2005, Persian Gulf
02Jul2005, Arabian Sea
05Jul-07Jul2005, Red Sea
transited the Suez Canal and entered the Med
08Jul-10Jul2005, Med
11Jul-14Jul2005, Rhodes, Greece
15Jul-18Jul2005, Med
19Jul2005, Lant
20Jul-23Jul2005, Lisbon, Portugal
24Jul2005, departed Lisbon, Portugal
24Jul-30Jul2005, Lant
returned to Norfolk
for a Refueling and Complex Overhaul (RCOH)
at the Northrop Grumman Newport News Ship Yard
CVW not assigned
Locations and Remarks
towed from Naval Station Norfolk
to Northrop Grumman Newport News Shipyard
in order to begin the Refueling and Complex Overhaul (RCOH)
transited the James River en route to a pier-side dock
after completing an 18-month dry dock period
at Northrop Grumman Newport News
held a grand opening ceremony of flight deck
transport and allocate live ordnance to Weapons department
departed Northrop Grumman Newport News Shipyard
29Jun-02Jul2009, sea trials in the WestLant
03Jul2009, returned to Norfolk
10Jul2009, departed Norfolk for flight deck certification
Northrop Grumman Corp. redelivered CVN-70 to the U.S. Navy
flight deck certification and carrier qualifications off the Virginia coast
01Aug2009, returned to Norfolk
08Dec2009, departed Norfolk
flight deck certification and carrier qualifications off the Virginia coast
16Dec2009, returned to Norfolk
CVW-17 (AA)
Locations and Remarks
Home Port : San Diego, CA.
departed Norfolk en route to new homeport in San Diego
12Jan-14Jan2010, Lant
arrived off the coast of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
to commence humanitarian assistance
and disaster relief operations
departed the waters near Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
Embarked 19 helicopters flew more than 2,200 sorties,
delivering more than 166 tons of food,
89,000 gallons of water and 38,700 lbs.
of medical supplies to earthquake victims.
Additionally, Vinson's helicopters
conducted 476 medical evacuations
and the ship's doctors and corpsmen
treated 60 patients in its medical ward.
Prior to departure, transferred 10 helicopters
to other units in Joint Task Force Haiti.
01Feb-05Feb2010, Lant
06Feb-08Feb2010, Mayport
09Feb-25Feb2010, Lant
26Feb-28Feb2010, Rio de Janerio, Brazil
01Mar-13Mar2010, SoLant
14Mar-15Mar2010, Strait of Magellan
16Mar-28Mar2010, SoPac
29Mar-01Apr2010, anchored at the port of Callao, Peru
02Apr-11Apr2010, EastPac
12Apr2010, pulled into new homeport San Diego
08Jul2010, departed San Diego
local operations and
Fleet Replacement Squadron Carrier Qualifications (FRSCQ)
off the coast of Southern California
30Jul2010, returned to San Diego
10Aug2010, departed San Diego
Tailored Ship's Training Availability (TSTA) in the EastPac
04Sep2010, returned to San Diego
05Oct2010, departed San Diego
05Oct-07Oct2010, EastPac
08Oct2010, returned to San Diego
18Oct2010, departed San Diego
18Oct-19Oct2010, Inspection and Survey (INSURV) in the EastPac
20Oct2010, returned to San Diego
departed San Diego
for a three-week composite training unit exercise
and Western Pacific deployment
01Dec-20Dec2010, COMPTUEX in the EastPac
21Dec-26Dec2010, Pac
27Dec2010-10Jan2011, WestPac
11Jan-13Jan2011, Busan, Republic of Korea
14Jan-21Jan2011, WestPac
22Jan2011, Strait of Malacca
22Jan-25Jan2011, Port Klang, Malaysia
26Jan2011, Strait of Malacca
27Jan-30Jan2011, Indian Ocean
31Jan-05May2011, North Arabian Sea
06May2011, entered the 7th Fleet AOR
06May-10May2011, Indian Ocean
11May2011, Strait of Malacca
12May-13May2011, South China Sea
14May2011, transited to Manila Bay
15May-18May2011,Manila Bay, Philippines
19May-21May2011, South China Sea
22May-25May2011, Hong Kong
26May-06Jun2011, WestPac
07Jun-09Jun2011, Pearl Harbor
10Jun-14Jun2011, Tiger Cruise en route to San Diego
15Jun2011, returned to San Diego
06ep2011, departed San Diego
06Sep-07Oct2011, off the coast of California
08Oct-11Oct2011, San Francisco Fleet Week 2011
12Oct2011, EastPac
13Oct2011, returned to San Diego
departed San Diego
for a scheduled deployment to the WestPac and CENTCOM AOR
30Nov-13Dec2011, Pac
arrived in the 7th Fleet Area of Operations
14Dec-26Dec2011, WestPac
27Dec-29Dec2011, Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong
30Dec2011, departed Victoria Harbor
30Dec2011-04Jan2012, WestPac
05Jan-08Jan2012, Indian Ocean
arrived in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility (AOR)
09Jan-13Jan2012, Arabian Sea
began conducting air missions
in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF)
14Jan-13Feb2012, North Arabian Sea
14Feb-15Feb2012, Gulf of Oman
16Feb2012, Strait of Hormuz
17Feb-20Feb2012, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
21Feb-09Mar2012, Persian Gulf
10Mar2012, Strait of Hormuz
11Mar-23Mar2012, North Arabian Sea
24Mar2012, last mission in support of OEF
From 09Jan to 24Mar, flew 1,085 OEF missions, totaling 6,600 total flight hours.
24Mar2012, Strait of Hormuz
25Mar-28Mar2012, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates
29Mar2012, Strait of Hormuz
30Mar-02Apr2012, Arabian Sea
03Apr2012, returned to U.S. 7th Fleet AOR
03Apr-06Apr2012, Indian Ocean
07Apr-09Apr2012, anchored off the coast of Chennai, India
participates in Exercise Malabar 2012 with the Indian Navy,
in the vicinity of Chennai, in the Bay of Bengal,
and west of the Nicobar Islands
17Apr-23Apr2012, Indian Ocean
24Apr-27Apr2012, Fremantle, Australia
28Apr-03May2012, Indian Ocean
04May-10May2012, WestPac
returned to the U.S. 3rd Fleet area of responsibility (AOR)
11May-14May2012, Pac
15May-16May2012, Pearl Harbor
17May-22May2012, Tiger Cruise en route to San Diego
23May2012, returned to San Diego
friends and family day cruise off the coast of California

six-month Planned Incremental Availability (PIA)
at pierside at Naval Air Station North Island
01Feb2013, departed San Diego
01Feb-03Feb2013, sea trials as the final stage of a six-month PIA
04Feb2013, returned to San Diego
CVW-17 (NA)
Locations and Remarks
Home Port : San Diego, CA.
11Feb2013, departed San Diego
flight deck certifications,
Carrier Qualifications (CQ) with the CVW-17,
testing with the MV-22 from VMM-166,
and ammo onload,
off the coast of Southern California
20Feb2013, returned to San Diego
25Feb2013, departed San Diego
Fleet Replacement Squadron Carrier Qualifications (FRSCQ)
off the coast of Southern California
02Mar2013, returned to San Diego
17Apr2013, departed San Diego
unit-level training off the coast of Southern California
19Apr2013, returned to San Diego
22Apr2013, departed San Diego
unit-level training off the coast of Southern California
27Apr2013, returned to San Diego
02May2013, departed San Diego
Tailored Ship's Training Availability (TSTA) off the coast of Southern California
17May2013, returned to San Diego
20May2013, departed San Diego
20May-21May2013, EastPac
22May2013, returned to San Diego
04Jun2013, departed San Diego
unit-level training off the coast of Southern California
13Jun2013, returned to San Diego
25Jun2013, departed San Diego
26Jun-30Jul2013, off the coast of Southern California
01Jul2013, returned to San Diego
11Sep2013, departed San Diego
Fleet Replacement Squadron Carrier Qualifications (FRSCQ)
off the coast of Southern California
21Sep2013, returned to San Diego
18Nov2013, departed San Diego
18Nov-22Nov2013, EastLant
23Nov2013, returned to San Diego
03Dec2013, departed San Diego
Carrier Qualifications off the coast of Southern California
09Dec2013, returned to San Diego
16Jan2014, departed San Diego
CVW-17 Carrier Qualifications (CQ),
Tailored Ship's Training Availability and Final Evaluation Problem (TSTA/FEP),
off the coast of southern California
10Feb2014, completed TSTA/FEP
11Feb2014, returned to San Diego
02Apr2014, departed San Diego
Fleet Replacement Squadron Carrier Qualifications (FRSCQ)
off the coast of Southern California
10Apr2014, returned to San Diego
09May2014, departed San Diego
Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX),
Joint Task Force Exercise (JTFEX),
off the coast of southern California
09Jun2014, completed JTFEX
ammunition onload with the USNS Carl Brashear (T-AKE 7)
12Jun2014, off the coast of southern California
13Jun2014, returned to San Diego
departed San Diego
to the 5th and 7th fleet areas of operations,
in support of maritime security operations
Carrier Qualifications off the coast of Southern California
27Aug-08Sep2014, U.S. 3rd Fleet area of responsibility
09Sep2014, arrived in the U.S. 7th Fleet area of responsibility
09Sep-14Sep2014, WestPac
participated in exercise Valiant Shield 2014 in the Guam Operating Area
24Sep-26Sep2014, WestPac
27Sep2014, transited the Surigao Strait
28Sep-01Oct2014, WestPac
02Oct-05Oct2014, Changi Naval Base, Singapore
06Oct-07Oct2014, Strait of Malacca
08Oct-10Oct2014, Andaman Sea
11Oct-14Oct2014, Indian Ocean
arrived in the U.S. 5th Fleet Area of Responsibility
16Oct-17Oct2014, North Arabian Sea
relieved the George H.W. Bush Carrier Strike Group
18Oct-13Nov2014, Persian Gulf
14Nov-17Nov2014, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates
18Nov-23Dec2014, Persian Gulf
24Dec-28Nov2014, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates
29Dec2014-28Jan2015, Persian Gulf
29Jan-01Feb2015, Khalifa Bin Salman Port, Kingdom of Bahrain
02Feb-20Feb2015, Persian Gulf
21Feb-25Feb2015, Mina Zayed Port, United Arab Emirates
26Feb-01Apr2015, Persian Gulf
02Apr-05Apr2015, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates
06Apr-12Apr2015, Persian Gulf
relieved by the USS Theodore Roosevelt CSG in the Gulf of Oman
14Apr-15Apr2015, North Arabian Sea
departed the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations
17Apr-25Apr2015, Indian Ocean
anchored at Gage Roads Anchorage, Fremantle, Australia
02May-12May2015, South China Sea
12May2015, Sulu Sea
13May2015, Celebes Sea
14May-22May2015, WestPac
departed the U.S. 7th Fleet area of operation
23May-26May2015, U.S. 3rd Fleet area of operations
27May-29May2015, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
30Nay-03Jun2015, "Tiger Cruise" en route to San Diego
04Jun2015, returned to San Diego
08Jul2015, departed San Diego
ordnance offload with the USNS Cesar Chavez (T-AKE 14)
09Jul2015, returned to San Diego
11Jul2015, Friends and Family Day Cruise
CVW not assigned
Locations and Remarks
Planned Incremental Availability (PIA) at San Diego
28Apr2016, departed San Diego
28Apr-29Apr2016, sea trials
30Apr2016, returned to San Diego
CVW-2 (NE)
Locations and Remarks
Home Port : San Diego, CA.
03May2016, departed San Diego
flight deck certification and carrier qualifications off the coast of southern California
19May2016, returned to San Diego
03Jun2016, departed San Diego
off the coast of southern California
15Jun2016, returned to San Diego
08Jul2016, departed San Diego
Tailored Ship's Training Availability and Final Evaluation Period (TSTA/FEP)
off the coast of southern California
Fleet Battle Experiment (FBE) for the future Navy variant CMV-22B Osprey
off the coast of southern California
off the coast of southern California
11Aug2016, returned to San Diego
16Aug2016, departed San Diego
17Aug2016, returned to San Diego
30Aug2016, departed San Diego
30Aug-31Aug2016, Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV)
31Aug2016, returned to San Diego
08Sep2016, departed San Diego
FRS Carrier Qualifications off the coast of southern California
15Sep2016, returned to San Diego
24Oct2016, departed San Diego
Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX),
Joint Task Force Exercise (JTFEX),
off the coast of southern California
21Nov2016, returned to San Diego
departed San Diego
for a regularly-scheduled deployment to the Western Pacific
05Jan-19Jan2017, EastPac
20Jan-09Feb2017, WestPac
10Feb-13Feb2017, Apra Harbor, Naval Base Guam
14Feb-17Feb2017, Philippine Sea
18Feb-06Mar2017, South China Sea
07Mar-10Mar2017, East China Sea
11Mar-14Mar2017, waters east of the Korean peninsula
15Mar-19Mar2017, Busan, Republic of Korea
20Mar-25Mar2017, Sea of Japan
26Mar-29Mar2017, East China Sea
30Mar-03Apr2017, South China Sea
04Apr-07Apr2017, Changi Naval Base, Singapore
08Apr-14Apr2017, South China Sea
15Apr2017, transited the Sunda Strait
16Apr-18Apr2017, northwest coast of Australia, Indian Ocean
19Apr2017, transited the Sunda Strait
19Apr-20Apr2017, Java Sea
21Apr2017, Celebes Sea
22Apr-25Apr2017, Philippine Sea
26Apr-28Apr2017, in the local waters off Okinawa, Japan, WestPac
29Apr2017, East China Sea
29Apr2017, transited the Korean Strait
29Apr-01Jun2017, Sea of Japan
U.S. Dual-Carrier Operations in the Sea of Japan,
with Japan Maritime Self Defense Force
02Jun2017, transited the Korean Strait
03Jun-08Jun2017, eastern sea of Okinawa, Japan
09Jun-13Jun2017, U.S. 7th Fleet Area of Operations
14Jun-17Jun2017, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaiii
18Jun-22Jun2017, EastPac
23Jun2017, returned to San Diego
31Jul2017, departed San Diego
FRS carrier qualifications off the coast of southern California
08Aug2017, returned to San Diego
18Oct2017, departed San Diego
FRS carrier qualifications off the coast of southern California
21Oct2017, returned to San Diego
28Oct2017, departed San Diego
Sustainment Exercise (SUSTEX) off the coast of southern California
16Nov2017, completed SUSTEX
17Nov2017, off the coast of southern California
18Nov2017, returned to San Diego
departed San Diego for a scheduled WestPac deployment
05Jan-19Jan2018, EastPac, U.S. 3rd Fleet AOO
20Jan-21Jan2018, Hawaii Operating Area
22Jan-30Jan2018, WestPac, U.S. 7th Fleet AOO
31Jan-02Feb2018, Naval Base Guam
03Feb-15Feb2018, U.S. 7th Fleet AOO
16Feb-19Feb2018, Manila, Philippines
20Feb-04Mar2018, South China Sea
05Mar-08Mar2018, arrived in Da Nang, Vietnam
09Mar-13Mar2018, South China Sea
transited the Luzon Strait westbound
15Mar-26Mar2018, east of Okinawa, Japan
17Mar-04Apr2018, WestPac
05Apr-11Apr2018, U.S. 3rd Fleet AOO
12Apr2018, returned to San Diego
departed San Diego
to participate in a biennial multinational exercise RIMPAC 2018
18Jun-25Jun2018, EastPac
26Jun-08Jul2018, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii
09Jul-30Jul2018, Hawaii Operating Area
31Jul-02Aug2018, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii
03Aug-07Aug2018, EastPac
08Aug2018, returned to San Diego
23Sep2018, departed San Diego
23Sep-28Sep2018, off the coast of southern California
29Sep2018, returned to San Diego
09Oct2018, departed San Diego
Sustainment Exercise (SUSTEX) off the coast of southern California,
and dual strike group operations with USS John C. Stennis
in the Hawaii operating area
07Nov2018, returned to San Diego
07Dec2018, departed San Diego
Carrier Qualifications off the coast of southern California
13Dec2018, returned to San Diego
CVW not assigned
Locations and Remarks
Home Port : Kitsap-Bremerton, WA.
16Jan2019, departed San Diego
16Jan-19Jan2019, EastPac
20Jan2019, arrived at new homeport Kitsap-Bremerton
entered the Dry Dock
at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility
for a Drydocking Planned Incremental Availability (DPIA)
04Apr2020, departed Dry Dock 6 at the PSNS & IMF
23Aug2020, departed PSNS & IMF
sea trials, en route to new homeport San Diego
02Sep2020, arrived at new homeport San Diego
CVW-2 (NE)
Locations and Remarks
Home Port : San Diego, CA.
11Sep2020, departed San Diego
Carrier Qualifications in the Southern California Operating Areas
18Sep2020, returned to San Diego
16Nov2020, departed San Diego
Carrier Qualifications for Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS)
in the Southern California Operating Areas
A CMV-22B from VRM-30 "Titans" landed on USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70).
This evolution marked the first time CMV-22B have landed on Aircraft carrier.
21Nov2020, Southern California Operating Areas
22Nov2020, returned to San Diego
03Dec2020, departed San Diego
03Dec-08Dec2020, Southern California Operating Areas
09Dec2020, returned to San Diego
18Jan2021, departed San Diego
FRS Carrier Qualifications in the Southern California Operating Areas
24Jan2021, Southern California Operating Areas
25Jan2021, returned to San Diego
27Jan2021, departed San Diego
27Jan-17Feb2021, Southern California Operating Areas
18Feb2021, returned to San Diego
20Feb2021, departed San Diego
20Feb-26Feb2021, Southern California Operating Areas
27Feb2021, returned to San Diego
05Mar2021, departed San Diego
05Mar-06Mar2021, Southern California Operating Areas
07Mar2021, returned to San Diego
05Apr2021, departed San Diego
05Apr-07Apr021, Southern California Operating Areas
08Apr2021, returned to San Diego
26Apr2021, departed San Diego
26Apr-30Apr021, Southern California Operating Areas
01May2021, returned to San Diego
17May2021, departed San Diego
17May-21May021, Southern California Operating Areas
22May2021, returned to San Diego
07Jun2021, departed San Diego
07Jun-11Jun2021, Southern California Operating Areas
12Jun-15Jun2021, transited the Pacific Ocean
Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX)
in the Hawaiian Islands Operating Area
23Jun-28Jun2021, transited the Pacific Ocean
29Jun2021, returned to San Diego
03Jul2021, departed San Diego
03Jul-27Jul2021, Southern California Operating Areas
28Jul2021, returned to San Diego
02Aug2021, departed San Diego for a scheduled deployment
02Aug-06Aug2021, Southern California Operating Areas
07Aug-12Aug2021, EastPac
13Aug-20Aug2021, Hawaiian Islands Operating Areas
22Aug-27Aug2021, U.S. 7th Fleet Area of Operations
28Aug-30Aug2021, Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan
31Aug2021, waters off the coast of Japan
01Sep-04Sep2021, Philippine Sea
05Sep-15Sep2021, South China Sea
16Sep-11Oct2021, Philippine Sea
maritime exercise MALABAR 2021
and Maritime Partnership Exercise (MPX) 2021
in the Bay of Bengal
18Oct-22Oct2021, Indian Ocean
23Oct-24Oct2021, Andaman Sea
24Oct-25Oct2021, transited the Malacca Strait
25Oct2021, transited the Strait of Singapore
26Oct-06Nov2021, South China Sea
07Nov-10Nov2021, Philippine Sea
11Nov-15Nov2021, Apra Harbor, Guam
16Nov-07Dec2021, Philippine Sea
12Dec-17Dec2021, northwest of Australia, Indian Ocean
18Dec-22Dec2021, Philippine Sea
23Dec-28Dec2021, Apra Harbor, Guam
29Dec2021-10Jan2022, Philippine Sea
11Jan-17Jan2022, South China Sea
18Jan-22Jan2022, Philippine Sea
23Jan-24Jan2022, South China Sea
25Jan-02Feb2022, Philippine Sea
03Feb-06Feb2022, Middle Pacific in the U.S. 3rd Fleet area of responsibility
07Feb-08Feb2022, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii
09Feb-13Feb2022, EastPac
14Feb2022, returned to San Diego
28Mar2022, departed San Diego
28Mar-30Mar2022, Southern California Operating Areas
31Mar2022, returned to San Diego
19Apr2022, departed San Diego
19Apr-20Apr2022, Southern California Operating Areas
21Apr2022, returned to San Diego
22Apr2022, departed San Diego
22Apr-01May2022, Southern California Operating Areas
02May2022, returned to San Diego