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Aircraft Carrier Locations
USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)

Home Port : Mayport, Fla.

CVW-1 (AB)
Locations and Remarks
17Jul-03Aug1998, WestLant
10Aug1998, Storm Evasion Exercise
17Aug-19Aug1998, WestLant
31Aug1998, WestLant
12Apr-26Apr1999, WestLant
21Jun1999, WestLant
06Jul-17Jul1999, WestLant
18Jul-30Jul1999, JTFEX99-2, off the North Carolina coast
14Sep1999, departed Mayport to evade Hurricane Floyd
18Sep1999, returned to Mayport
departed Mayport,
the initial departing schedule (17Sep1999) for the Med/Gulf deployment was reset
by the contingencies of Hurricane Floyd
27Sep-01Oct1999, EastLant
07Oct1999, Malta I.
15Oct1999, east of Crete
18Oct1999, EastMed
04Nov1999, Gulf of Aqaba
05Nov1999, port call at Aqaba, Jordan
14Nov1999-22Feb2000, Persian Gulf
28Feb-06Mar2000, Red Sea
12Mar2000, Barcelona, Spain
17Mar2000, Bermuda,
17Mar-18Mar2000, Tiger Cruise en route to Mayport
19Mar2000, returned to Mayport
CVW not assigned
Locations and Remarks
15May-22May2000, WestLant
26Jun2000, WestLant
02Jul-09Jul2000, International Naval Review 2000 in New York City
10Jul-21Jul2000, Sail Boston 2000 in the Boston Harbor
mid Aug.-mid Dec. 2000, 4-month upgrade and maintenance at NS Mayport
11Dec-15Dec2000, sea triarls, WestLant
CVW-7 (AG)
Locations and Remarks
12Feb2001, WestLant
20Feb2001, St. Martin, Netherlands Antilles
26Feb2001, WestLant
23Apr2001, Caribbean Sea
30Apr-21May2001, WestLant
moored Pier88, Manhattan, New York City, New York City Fleet Week festivities
04Jun-11Jun2001, WestLant
16Jul-23Jul2001, WestLant
27Aug2001, WestLant
11Sep2001, WestLant
12Sep-15Sep2001, Combat Air Patrolling the coastline off New York City
commenced COMPTUEX (Composite Unit Training Exercise),
off the Vieques bombing range, Puerto Rico
departed Mayport for a scheduled two days of sea trials off the Florida coast
04Feb2002, returned to Mayport
departed Mayport for exercises off the coast
before being cleared to sail on to the Arabian Sea.
CVW-7 CQ, plus the final phase of a JTFEX,
will require at least eight days.
That would mean it would be the middle of next week
before could begin to head across the Atlantic.
conducted JTFEX (Joint Task Force Exercise) off the coast of North Carolina
left from off the coast of North Carolina,
then, deployed to Northern Arabian Sea
for a part of Operation Enduring Freedom
23Feb2002, Strait of Gibraltar, and entered the Med.
24Feb-26Feb2002, Med.
27Feb-28Feb2002, arrived in Souda Bay, Crete
01Mar-02Mar2002, 50 miles south of Crete
04Mar2002, transited the Suez Canal to southward
relieved CVN-71 in the Red Sea,
and, Conducted a turn-over with CVN-71,
supplies from CVN-71 were transferred
first combat sortie in the north Arabian Sea as part of Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Enduring Freedom in the Northern Arabian Sea
was formally relieved of its duties in the Arabian Gulf by CVN-73 George Washington
24Jul2002, heads north through the Suez Canal
25Jul2002, Med
26Jul-29Jul2002, pulled in to Marmaris, Turkey
03Aug2002, pulled in to Tarragona, Spain for a short port visit
08Aug2002, passed through the Strait of Gibraltar, and entered the EastLant
14Aug2002, the embarked squadrons of CVW-7 flew off
15Aug2002, Norfolk
16Aug2002, Tiger Cruise
17Aug2002, returned to Mayport
JFK safely Navigated 160 days at sea covering 69,050 miles of water
and completed more than 9,100 aircraft traps.
CVW-7 Flew a total of 2,599 day and night missions
in support of Coalition Forces over Afghanistan,
delivering more than 64,000 pounds of ordnance
on Taliban and Al Qaeda targets.

carrier qualifications for Fleet Readiness Squadrons (FRS),
Training Command (TRACOM) students and TRACOM instructors in the WestLant
05Nov2002, returned to Mayport
07Dec-11Dec2002, CQ (Carrier Qualifications) in the WestLant
CVW not assigned
Locations and Remarks
began a ten months overhaul
Extended Selected Restricted Availability (ESRA)
at the ship's homeport in Mayport
11Nov2003, departed Mayport for a five-day sea trials
11Nov-14Nov2003, WestLant
Carrier Qualifications and flight Certifications in the Cherry Point operating area
CQ (carrier qualifications) for Fleet Readiness Squadrons
and Training Command Squadrons off the Eastern seaboard
CVW-17 (AA)
Locations and Remarks
12Jan2004, departed Mayport for a "Spring training"
12Jan-05Feb2004, WestLant
19Feb-20Feb2004, WestLant
COMPTUEX (Composite Training Unit Exercise)
in the Virginia Capes and Jacksonville operating areas
02Mar-04Mar2004, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
05Mar-08Mar2004, WestLant
10Mar-16Mar2004, Gulf of Mexico
17Mar2004, pulled into Pensacola
17Mar-20Mar2004, Pensacola, FL.
21Mar2004, departed Pensacola
21Mar-22Mar2004, WestLant
23Mar2004, wrapped up COMPTUEX and returned to Mayport
16Apr-29Apr2004, WestLant
30Apr2004, returned to Mayport
07Jun2004, departed Mayport for a six-month Med/Mid-East deployment
07Jun-18Jun2004, WestLant
successfully completed its portion of CJTFEX (Combined Joint Task Force Exercise),
designated "Operation Blinding Storm"
19Jun-23Jun2004, Lant
25Jun2004, Med
26Jun-29Jun2004, Malta
30Jun-02Jul2004, Med
06Jul2004, Gulf of Oman
07Jul-19Nov2004, Persian Gulf
20Nov2004, JFK-CSG was relieved by HST-CSG.
21Nov-22Nov2004, North Arabian Sea
24Nov2004, Red Sea
29Nov2004, Med
01Dec-03Dec2004, Tarragona, Spain
06Dec-12Dec2004, Lant
13Dec2004, returned to Mayport.
CVW-17 flew 8,296 Sorties for a total flight time of 21,824 hours.
Of that total, 4,396 sorties and 11,607 flight hours
were in direct support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
CVW not assigned
Locations and Remarks
24Jan-28Jan2005, carrier qualifications, WestLant
17Feb-24Feb2005, carrier qualifications, WestLant
Feb.25 2005, celebrated 'Friends and Family Day', and returned to Mayport
Mar.7-Mar.15 2005, WestLant
Apr.11-Apr.20 2005, carrier qualifications, WestLant
May16 2005, departed Mayport for Fleet Week 2005
May16-May18 2005, WestLant
May19-May22 2005, Boston, Mass.
May23-May24 2005, WestLant
May25-May31 2005, port visit, New York City, for Fleet Week
01Jun2005, WestLant
02Jun-03Jun2005, Norfolk
06Jun2005, WestLant
07Jun2005, returned to Mayport
26Jul-31Jul2005, carrier qualifications in the WestLant
departed Mayport for carrier qualifications
after taking over a mission originally assigned to CVN-75 Harry S. Truman
08Sep-10Sep2005, carrier qualifications in the WestLant
11Sep-12Sep2005, Norfolk
13Sep-14Sep2005, carrier qualifications in the WestLant
15Sep-18Sep2005, Norfolk
19Sep-23Sep2005, carrier qualifications in the WestLant
23Sep2005, completed carrier qualifications
24Sep-28Sep2005, WestLant
carrier qualifications for Training Squadrons - VT-7, VT-9, VT-21, and VT-22 -
in the WestLant
29Oct2005, returned to Mayport
12Dec-15Dec2005, carrier qualifications in the WestLant
27Jan2006, WestLant
04Mar-07Mar2006, proficiency training off the Florida coast
02May-08May2006, proficiency training off the Florida coast
17Oct-20Oct2006, WestLant
01Feb-02Feb2007, two days of local operations off the coast of Florida
20Feb2007, departed Mayport for the last underway period before decommissioning in March
20Feb-21Feb2007, WestLant
22Feb2007, pulled into Norfolk
22Feb-24Feb2007, Norfolk
25Feb2007, departed Norfolk
25Feb-28Feb2007, WestLant
01Mar-04Mar2007, JFK's final port call in Boston
05Mar-09Mar2007, WestLant
10Mar2007, returned to Mayport
23Mar2007, decommissioned at Naval Station Mayport
JFK was towed from NS Mayport, and taken to NS Norfolk,
instead of a mothball berth at the old Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, as originally planned.
The trip is expected to take about five days.
31Jul2007, arrived at Naval Station Norfolk
30Sep2007, formally decommissioned at Naval Station Norfolk
towed into the Port of Philadelphia
to join other decommissioned ships
at the Navy Inactive Ships Maintenance Facility