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Aircraft Carrier Locations
USS Constellation (CV 64)/CVW-2 (NE)

Locations and Remarks
Home Port : San Diego, Ca.
08Apr-22Apr1998, EastPac
31Aug-14Sep1998, EastPac
21Sep1998, EastPac
12Apr1999, EastPac
10May-17May1999, EastPac
18Jun1999, departed San Diego for a WestPac/Gulf deployment
18Jun-21Jun1999, EastPac
24Jun-30Jun1999, Joint Task Force Exercise in the Hawaiian operating areas
30Jun1999, commenced transit towards the Korean area of operations
03Jul1999, near the Midway Is.
04Jul1999, crossed the International Dateline
05Jul-06Jul1999, WestPac
07Jul1999, 200NM southeast of Tateyama
08Jul1999, 100NM southeast of Kushimoto
09Jul1999, 300NM southwest of Kushimoto
11Jul-16Jul1999, Republic of Korea
16Jul1999, operations in Korean East Sea
19Jul1999, Sea of Japan
23Jul-26Jul1999, Yokosuka, Japan
27Jul1999, transited the Tsugaru strait and entered the Sea of Japan
27Jul-30Jul1999, Sea of Japan
31Jul-06Aug1999, South China Sea
07Aug-08Aug1999, operations with Kitty Hawk Battle Group in the South China Sea
09Aug1999, South China Sea
10Aug-14Aug1999, Singapore
15Aug1999, South China Sea
16Aug-18Aug1999, Kelang, Malaysia
19Aug-20Aug1999, Indian Ocean
28Aug1999, entered the Persian Gulf
28Aug-15Sep1999, Persian Gulf
16Sep-20Sep1999, Jebel Ali, UAE
21Sep-10Oct1999, Persian Gulf
11Oct-16Oct1999, Bahrain, UAE
17Oct-23Oct1999, Persian Gulf
23Oct1999, completed Operation Southern Watch sorties
24Oct-29Oct1999, Jebel Ali, UAE
30Oct-04Nov1999, Persian Gulf
Aug.28-Nov.5 1999,
CVW-2 flew more than 5,000 sorties, including nearly 1,300 combat sorties
in support of Operation Southern Watch in the Persian Gulf
departed the Persian Gulf, transit to Fremantle, Australia
05Nov-08Nov1999, Arabian Sea
10Nov1999, Crossed the Equator
18Nov-21Nov1999, Fremantle, Perth, Australia
departed from Fremantle, Perth, Australia
for exercises with Royal Australian Navy
in the Southern Western Australian coast
22Nov-25Nov1999, Operations in the Great Australian Bight
27Nov-30Nov1999, Sydney, Australia
01Dec-05Dec1999, Operations in South Pacific Ocean
07Dec1999, near the Tarawa Is.
08Dec-09Dec1999, Operations in Pacific Ocean
10Dec-11Dec1999, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
12Dec1999, departed Pearl Harbor
12Dec-17Dec1999, "Tiger Cruise" in the Pac
17Dec1999, returned to San Diego
31Jan2000, EastPac
11May-15May2000, EastPac
19May2000, Navy Recruiting Day cruise off the California coast
12Jun2000, EastPac
31Jul2000, EastPac
02Aug-07Aug2000, arrived at Seattle's port for the Sea Fair 2000
14Aug-15Aug2000, routine training exercises off the coast of California
11Sep-18Sep2000, EastPac
02Oct-05Oct2000, EastPac
06Oct-09Oct2000, Fleet Week at San Francisco
10Oct-06Nov2000, EastPac
04Dec-15Dec2000, EastPac
22Jan-12Feb2001, EastPac
departed San Diego for a 6-month WestPac/Gulf deployment
16Mar-19Mar2001, EastPac
21Mar-22Mar2001, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
26Mar2001, Pac
crossed the Equator and International Dateline
02Apr2001, Coral Sea
05Apr-08Apr2001, Sydney, Australia
09Apr2001, Tasman Sea
16Apr-19Apr2001, Perth, Australia
20Apr-23Apr2001, Indian Ocean
relieved CVN-75 Harry S. Truman in support of Operation Southern Watch
30Apr-12May2001, Persian Gulf
13May-15May2001, Jebel Ali, UAE
16May-29May2001, Persian Gulf
02Jun-06Jun2001, Jebel Ali, UAE
07Jun-30Jun2001, Persian Gulf
01Jul-04Jul2001, Jebel Ali, UAE
05Jul-04Aug2001, Persian Gulf
relieved by CVN-65 Enterprise, and in support of Operation Southern Watch
06Aug2001, Arabian Sea
09Aug2001, Indian Ocean
12Aug-15Aug2001, Changi Naval Base, Singapore
conducted a one-day training event known as a passing exercise (PASSEX)
with CVN-70 Carl Vinson Battle Group in the South China Sea
20Aug-25Aug2001, Hong Kong
27Aug2001, Philippine Sea
31Aug-05Sep2001, Pac
06Sep-09Sep2001, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
10Sep-13Sep2001, Tiger Cruise
14Sep2001, returned to San Diego
27Oct2001, 40th Anniversary Festivities
departed San Diego for a few days sea trials
following a four-month Ship's Restricted Availability (SRA)
post-deployment upkeep period
31Jan2002, sea trials and carrier qualifications off the coast of San Diego
05Mar2002, departed San Diego for a few days sea trials
26Mar-04Apr2002, EastPac
05Apr-07Apr2002, Mazatlan, Mexico
22Jun-23Jun2002, EastPac
Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX) off the coast of California
25Jul2002, returned to San Diego
arrived at Seattle, WA for the port's annual maritime event, Sea Fair 2002
departed San Diego for a two weeks JTFEX off the coast of California
17Oct-29Oct2002, JTFEX off the coast of California
02Nov2002, departed San Diego for a six-month overseas deployment
02Nov-05Nov2002, EastPac
06Nov2002, arrived at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
14Nov2002, WestPac
22Nov-27Nov2002, Hong Kong
28Nov-30Nov2002, South China Sea, en route to a liberty port call in Singapore
01Dec2002, arrived in Changi Naval Base, Singapore
arrived in the 5th Fleet Area of Responsibility
where it will serve in support of Operation Enduring Freedom
conducted combat operations
in support of Operation Southern Watch in the Persian Gulf
10Jan-13Jan2003, Manama, Bahrain, UAE
14Jan2003, departed Manama
conducted combat operations
in support of Operation Southern Watch and Operation Iraqi Freedom
in the Persian Gulf
17Apr2003, Gulf of Oman
18Apr2003, Arabian Sea
21Apr-28Apr2003, Indian Ocean
29Apr2003, pulled into Fremantle, Australia
29Apr-02May2003, Fremantle, Australia
05May-09May2003, off the Western Coast of Australia
12May-13May2003, SoPac
13May2003, CVW-2 aircraft rehearsed for upcoming Tiger Cruise
14May-21May2003, Pac
22May2003, arrived in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
22May-27May2003, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
28May-01Jun2003, Pac
02Jun2003, returned to homeport San Diego
CVW not assigned
Locations and Remarks
07Aug2003, decommissioned
a commercial tug boat pulled out for a two-week journey
to naval ship graveyard in Bremerton
late Sep. 2003, mothballed in Bremerton