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Aircraft Carrier Locations
USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) / CVW-5(NF)

Locations and Remarks
Home Port : Yokosuka, Japan
06Jul1998, departed San Diego
11Aug1998, arrived to new home port Yokosuka
30Sep1998, departed Yokosuka
12Oct-15Oct1998, Pusan, Korea
24Oct-02Nov1998, Foal Eagle Exercise
13Nov1998, returned to Yokosuka
19Jan1999, departed Yokosuka for Sea Trial
22Jan1999, returned to Yokosuka
02Mar1999, departed Yokosuka
20Mar1999, near the Micronesia
26Mar-03Apr1999, Thandem Thrust '99(2nd phase)
03Apr-07Apr1999, port call at Guam
18Apr1999, Indian Ocean
19Apr1999, Gulf of Oman
20Apr1999, entered the Persian Gulf
08May-12May1999, port call at Jebel Ali, UAE
20Apr-15Jul1999, Persian Gulf
CVW-5 flew a total of 5,426 sorties, including 1,356 combat sorties
15Jul1999, left from Persian Gulf
19Jul1999, Indian Ocean/East of Maldives
27Jul-01Aug1999, port call at Fremantle, Australia
03Aug-04Aug1999, Indian Ocean
07Aug-08Aug1999, operations with Constellation Battle Group, South China Sea
10Aug-15Aug1999, port call at Pattaya, Thailand
16Aug-18Aug1999, South China Sea
25Aug1999, returned to Yokosuka
22Oct1999, departed Yokosuka
exercise "Foal Eagle 99", in the Sea of Japan
exercise "ANNUALEX 11G" with JMSDF
in the East China Sea near Nansei Islands, Japan
exercise "ANNUALEX 11G" with JMSDF in the WestPac
10Nov1999, returned to Yokosuka
12Nov1999, a one day 'Dependents Cruise'
23Feb2000, departed Yokosuka for 12 days of Sea Trials in the WestPac
06Mar2000, returned to Yokosuka
departed Yokosuka
for the 2 month WestPac deployment as "Spring 2000 cruise"
17Apr-19Apr2000, port call at Apra Harbor, Guam
20Apr-29Apr2000, Guam Operation Area
01May2000, in the Leyte Gulf
03May-05May2000, South China Sea
06May-10May2000, port call at Singapore
10May-11May2000, South China Sea
12May2000, Gulf of Thailand
13May-17May2000, port call at Pattaya, Thailand
exercise Cobra Gold 2000 in the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea
24May-25May2000, South China Sea
26May-30May2000, port call at Hong Kong
30May2000, South China Sea
31May-04Jun2000, en route to Yokosuka
05Jun2000, returned to Yokosuka
Kitty Hawk steamed 19,440 nautical miles,
CVW-5 flew 2,101 sorties with 3,146 traps
during this underway period

08Sep2000, departed Yokosuka for Sea Trials
13Sep2000, returned to Yokosuka
26Sep2000, departed Yokosuka for a "Fall deployment"
26Sep-08Oct2000, WestPac off the Japan coast
10Oct-11Oct2000, Sea of Japan
13Oct-16Oct2000, port call at Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan
16Oct-01Nov2000, Sea of Japan
31Oct2000, concluded exercise "Foal Eagle 2000"
(scheduled from 25Oct to 03Nov)
with forces of the Republic of Korea in the Sea of Japan
02Nov-05Nov2000, port call at Pusan, Republic of Korea
06Nov-15Nov2000, Sea of Japan
16Nov-19Nov2000, WestPac
20Nov2000, returned to Yokosuka
during this period,
4,750 miles steamed
joined three exercises and two port visits
CVW-5 flown 3,411 sorties and 3,345 traps

08Feb2001, departed Yokosuka for 6-days of sea trials
14Feb2001, returned to Yokosuka
02Mar2001, pulled away from Yokosuka for a routine spring underway period
02Mar-09Mar2001, WestPac (near the Japan)
14Mar2001, WestPac (near the Okinawa I.)
15Mar2001, Philippine Sea
19Mar2001, South China Sea
22Mar-26Mar2001, Changi Naval Base, Singapore
26Mar-31Mar2001, South China Sea
02Apr-03Apr2001, Gulf of Thailand
05Apr-09Apr2001, Pattaya, Thailand
10Apr2001, Gulf of Thailand
11Apr-14Apr2001, South China Sea
15Apr2001, Celebes Sea
16Apr-17Apr2001, Philippine Sea
20Apr2001, pulled into Guam
21Apr-28Apr2001, Apra Harbor, Guam
29Apr2001, departed Echo Pier at Apra Harbor, Guam
30Apr2001, Philippine Sea
03May2001, near the Equator
04May2001, crossed the Equator
07May-09May2001, Coral Sea
engaging in Exercise "Tandem Thrust '01"
in the Shoalwater Bay training area near Queensland, Australia
23May2001, Tasman Sea
24May-29May2001, Sydney, Australia
30May-31May2001, Tasman Sea
01Jun2001, Coral Sea
02Jun2001, Solomon Sea, Bismark Sea
04Jun2001, Bismark Sea
05Jun2001, Philippine Sea
pulled into Apra Harbor, Guam,
pick up 279 Hawk/Five friends and siblings for the Tiger Cruise 2001
08Jun2001, departed Apra Harbor, Guam
08Jun-10Jun2001, Tiger Cruise 2001
11Jun2001, returned to Yokosuka
Kitty Hawk steamed 14,985 miles,
joined a exercises "Tandem Thrust '01"
and five port visits; Changi Naval Base, Singapore, Pattaya, Thailand,
Apra Harbor, Guam (twice); and Sydney, Australia.
CVW-5 flew 5,243 sorties and made 5,135 arrested landings

mid-Jun. - mid-Sep.2001,
Ship's Restricted Availability (SRA) period
by the Ship Repair Facility's overhaul and upgrade

21Sep2001, departed Yokosuka
30Sep2001, returned to Yokosuka,
completed sea trials and carrier qualifications for CVW-5

departed Yokosuka
for a part of the anti-terrorist campaign "Operation Enduring Freedom"
without many of CVW-5 aircraft, and may be used for a floating base
for special operations helicopters and troops
07Oct2001, operating in the Strait of Malacca
12Oct-07Dec2001, off the coast of Pakistan, part of Operation Enduring Freedom
13Dec-15Dec2001, the island of Phuket, Thailand
16Dec2001, in the Strait of Malacca
23Dec2001, returned to homeport Yokosuka
Hawk transited more than 6,000 miles in 12 days,
and reported on station in the North Arabian Sea,
where Hawk served as an afloat forward staging base
for U.S. joint forces.
CVW-5 flew more than 600 missions
in support of "Operation Enduring Freedom",
including more than 100 combat sorties

12Mar2002, departed Yokosuka
12Mar-14Mar2002, sea trials and CVW-5 Carrier Qualifications
15Mar2002, returned Yokosuka
departed Yokosuka
to complete scheduled carrier qualifications
and integrated battle group training
20Mar2002, CVW-5 completed carrier qualifications
21Mar2002, tested the newly-installed RIM-116A RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile)
28Mar2002, second RAM test
01Apr2002, returned to Yokosuka
15Apr2002, departed Yokosuka for a routine Spring underway period
29Apr-02May2002, liberty port call Hong Kong
03May2002, departed Hong Kong
10May-13May2002, Singapore
28May-31May2002, Guam
returned to Yokosuka,
Hawk steamed 16,977 miles.
CVW-5 accumulated more than 4,721 flight hours,
2,650 sorties flown, and 2,587 carrier arrested landings

15Oct2002, departed Yokosuka for a few days sea trials
18Oct2002, returned to Yokosuka
departed Yokosuka for a scheduled sea period
to military exercises with regional allies and conduct unit-level training
29Oct-30Oct2002, off Iwo Jima, Japan
Annual Exercise (ANNUALEX) 14G in waters and air space around Japan
27Nov2002, South China Sea
29Nov-02Dec2002, Hong Kong
03Dec2002, departed Hong Kong
13Dec2002, returned to Yokosuka
20Jan2003, departed Yokosuka to conduct sea trials after routine maintenance
22Jan2003, returned to Yokosuka
23Jan2003, departed Yokosuka
24Jan-03Feb2003, WestPac
07Feb2003, received deployment orders for the Persian Gulf
09Feb2003, will be heading to the Persian Gulf region
transited the Strait of Malacca,
en route to the Central Command area of operations
19Feb-21Feb2003, Indian Ocean
24Feb2003, Arabian Sea
Persian Gulf,
in support of "Operation Southern Watch"
and "Operation Iraqi Freedom"
17Apr2003, Northern Arabian Sea
18Apr-21Apr2003, Indian Ocean
01May-05May2003, WsetPac
06May2003, returned to Yokosuka
moved into dry-dockyard in Yokosuka
for a five-month extended shipyard period
Drydock Selected Restricted Availability (DSRA)
pulled out of Dry Dock 6, and into berth 8, 9

13Oct2003, departed Yokosuka for sea trials
23Oct2003, returned to Yokosuka
01Nov2003, departed Yokosuka for a "Fall Deployment"
05Nov2003, Philippine Sea
06Nov2003, Pac
07Nov-14Nov2003, South China Sea
17Nov-18Nov2003, East China Sea
19Nov-25Nov2003, Pac
26Nov-30Nov2003, Apra Harbor, Guam
01Dec-11Dec2003, Pac
12Dec2003, returned to Yokosuka
08Jan2004, departed Yokosuka for a sea trials
09Jan2004, returned to Yokosuka
15Jan2004, departed Yokosuka for a INSURV (Inspection and Survey)
16Jan2004, returned to Yokosuka
18Feb2004, departed Yokosuka
18Feb-04Mar2004, WestPac
05Mar2004, East China Sea
06Mar-09Mar2004, Hong Kong
10Mar2004, departed Hong Kong
10Mar-12Mar2004, South China Sea
15Mar2004, pulled into Busan, Korea
15Mar-18Mar2004, Busan, Korea
19Mar2004, departed Busan
19Mar-28Mar2004, Sea of Japan
29Mar-31Mar2004, East China Sea
01Apr-05Apr2004, WestPac
08Apr-11Apr2004, Changi Naval Base, Singapore
12Apr2004, departed Singapore
12Apr-13Apr2004, South China Sea
14Apr-21Apr2004, Indian Ocean
22Apr-25Apr2004, Fremantle, Australia
26Apr2004, departed Fremantle
26Apr-29Apr2004, Indian Ocean
30Apr-13May2004, Philippine Sea
14May-23May2004, WestPac
24May2004, returned to Yokosuka
19Jul2004, departed Yokosuka for Summer Pulse '04
19Jul-30Jul2004, WestPac
31Jul-04Aug2004, Sea of Japan
05Aug2004, East China Sea
06Aug-18Aug2004, WestPac
19Aug-23Aug2004, Apra Harbor, Guam
24Aug2004, departed Apra Harbor
25Aug-06Sep2004, WestPac
07Sep2004, returned to Yokosuka
11Jan2005, departed Yokosuka for sea trials
17Jan2005, returned to Yokosuka
18Jan2005, departed Yokosuka for sea trials
21Jan2005, returned to Yokosuka
26Jan2005, departed Yokosuka
26Jan-30Jan2005, carrier qualifications for CVW-5
31Jan2005, returned to Yokosuka
10Feb2005, departed Yokosuka for a scheduled winter underway period
10Feb-12Feb2005, off the coast of Japan, carrier qualifications for CVW-5
13Feb-24Feb2005, WestPac
25Feb-28Feb2005, Hong Kong, China
01Mar-02Mar2005, South China Sea
03Mar-08Mar2005, Philippines Sea
09Mar-13Mar2005, East China Sea
14Mar-17Mar2005, Busan, Korea
18Mar-25Mar2005, Sea of Japan
26Mar-27Mar2005, WestPac
28Mar2005, returned to Yokosuka
17May2005, departed Yokosuka for sea trials
17May-19May2005, sea trials off the coast of Japan
20May2005, returned to Yokosuka
23May2005, departed Yokosuka for summer underway period
23May-09Jun2005, WestPac
10Jun2005, Philippine Sea
in the Coral Sea
off the coast of Australia's Queensland region
as part of Exercise Talisman Sabre 2005
03Jul-08Jul2005, Sydney, Australia
09Jul-15Jul2005, Coral Sea
16Jul-21Jul2005, WestPac
22Jul-25Jul2005, Apra Harbor, Guam
26Jul2005, WestPac
27Jul-02Aug2005, Philippine Sea
03Aug-19Aug2005, WestPac
20Aug2005, returned to Yokosuka
23Aug2005, departed Yokosuka to evade Typhoon Mawar
23Aug-26Aug2005, WestPac
27Aug2005, returned to Yokosuka
24Oct2005, departed Yokosuka for "fall underway"
24Oct-11Nov2005, WestPac
12Nov-16Nov2005, Sea of Japan
18Nov-23Nov2005, WestPac
24Nov-27Nov2005, Hong Kong
28Nov-02Dec2005, South China Sea
05Dec-11Dec2005, WestPac
12Dec2005, returned to Yokosuka
20May2006, departed Yokosuka for sea trials
21May-24May2006, sea trials off the coast of Japan
25May2006, returned to Yokosuka
26May2006, departed Yokosuka
27May-29May2006, sea trials
30May-02Jun2006, Carrier Qualifications (CQ)
03Jun2006, returned to Yokosuka
08Jun2006, departed Yokosuka for summer under way period
08Jun-15Jun2006, WestPac
16Jun-18Jun2006, Guam operating area
Exercise "Valiant Shield 2006" with the CVN-72 and the CVN-76
in the Guam operating area
24Jun-30Jun2006, WestPac
01Jul2006, pulled into Otaru, Japan
01Jul-04Jul2006, Otaru, Japan
05Jul2006, departed Otaru
06Jul-18Jul2006, WestPac
19Jul-24Jul2006, South China Sea
25Jul-29Jul2006, Changi Naval Base, Singapore
30Jul-31Jul2006, South China Sea
01Aug-02Aug2006, Sunda Sea
03Aug-09Aug2006, Indian Ocean
10Aug-13Aug2006, Perth, Australia
14Aug-24Aug2006, Indian Ocean
25Aug-26Aug2006, Java, Sea
27Aug-29Aug2006, South China Sea
30Aug-01Sep2006, Gulf of Thailand
02Sep-05Sep2006, Laem Chabang, Thailand
06Sep2006, Gulf of Thailand
07Sep-08Sep2006, South China Sea
09Sep-12Sep2006, East China Sea
13Sep-14Sep2006, WestPac
15Sep2006, returned to Yokosuka
17Sep2006, "Friends and Family Day Cruise"
17Oct2006, departed Yokosuka for fall cruise
17Oct-20Oct2006, WestPac
23Oct-25Oct2006, Philippine Sea
26Oct-27Oct2006, WestPac
30Oct-31Oct2006, South China Sea
01Nov-05Nov2006, East China Sea
06Nov-08Nov2006, Sasebo, Japan
participated the exercise ANNUALEX 18G
in waters and air space around Japan, WestPac
15Nov-20Nov2006, WestPac
21Nov-22Nov2006, South China Sea
23Nov-26Nov2006, Hong Kong, China
27Nov-28Nov2006, South China Sea
29Nov-01Dec2006, East China Sea
02Dec-09Dec2006, WestPac
10Dec2006, returned to Yokosuka
departed Yokosuka for sea trials,
following a four-month Selected Restrictive Availability (SRA) maintenance period
04May-06May2007, sea trials in the WestPac
07May2007, returned to Yokosuka
15May2007, departed Yokosuka for carrier qualifications
15May-20May2007, carrier qualifications in the WestPac
21May2007, returned to Yokosuka
23May2007, departed Yokosuka for summer deployment
23May-07Jun2007, WestPac
08Jun-10Jun2007, Apra Harbor, Guam
11Jun-17Jun2007, WestPac
launched the exercise Talisman Sabre 2007
off the coast of Rockhampton
in northeastern Queensland, Australia.
participating in exercise Talisman Saber 2007
in the Coral Sea near the coast of Australia
04Jul2007, Tasman Sea
05Jul-09Jul2007, Sydney Harbor, Australia
10Jul-17Jul2007, Coral Sea
26Jul-06Aug2007, WestPac
participating in joint exercise "Valiant Shield 2007" in the Guam operating area
15Aug-17Aug2007, Apra Harbor, Guam
18Aug-24Aug2007, WestPac
25Aug-27Aug2007, South China Sea
28Aug-31Aug2007, Port Klang, Malaysia
01Sep-02Sep2007, South China Sea
03Sep2007, Bay of Bengal
04Sep-09Sep2007, exercise "Malabar 07-2" in the Bay of Bengal
10Sep-17Sep2007, South China Sea
18Sep-20Sep2007, WestPac
21Sep2007, returned to Yokosuka
23Sep2007, "Friends and Family Day Cruise"
21Oct2007, departed Yokosuka for Fall Deployment
21Oct-25Oct2007, carrier qualifications off the Japan coast
26Oct2007, pulled into Muroran
26Oct-29Oct2007, Muroran, Japan
30Oct2007, departed Muroran
30Oct-04Nov2007, WestPac
exercise 9th Keen Sword and ANNUALEX 19G
in waters and air space around Japan, WestPac
17Nov-26Nov2007, WestPac
27Nov2007, returned to Yokosuka
03Mar2008, departed Yokosuka for sea trials
03Mar-06Mar2008, sea trials
07Mar2008, returned to Yokosuka
18Mar2008, departed Yokosuka for a scheduled deployment
18Mar-03Apr2008, WestPac
04Apr2008, returned to Yokosuka
15Apr2008, departed Yokosuka for a scheduled deployment
15Apr-27Apr2008, WestPac
28Apr-02May2008, Hong Kong
03May-11May2008, WestPac
12May2008, returned to Yokosuka
departed Yokosuka as final departure from Japan to be decommissioned
28May-09Jun2008, WestPac
10Jun-13Jun2008, Apra Harbor, Guam
14Jun-30Jun2008, Pac
01Jul2008, pulled into Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
01Jul-07Jul2008, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
departed Pearl Harbor to participate in the RIMPAC2008
RIMPAC2008 in the Hawaiian Operating Area
30Jul-31Jul2008, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
01Aug2008, departed Pearl Harbor
01Aug-06Aug2008, Pac
07Aug2008, pulled into San Diego
CVW not assigned
Locations and Remarks
07Aug-27Aug2008, San Diego
28Aug2008, departed San Diego
28Aug-01Sep2008, EastPac
02Sep2008, arrived at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton
changed berth at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
in preparation for upcoming decommissioning ceremony
31Jan2009, held decommissioned ceremony at Bremerton